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Since 1965, when the first Jennings hydraulically powered PFTE Wire Insulating Line was put into service, Jennings has led the world in the production of Wire Insulating Extrusion Lines.

Our initial Hydraulic Machine processed 36" long preforms. They were similar to the mechanical machines in service at the time, with the difference that the Jennings unit was designed to permit operation at higher reduction ratios. This was the result of our unique higher thrust capabilities, along with a far more efficient drive mechanism. After our first hydraulic Wire Insulating Extruder was introduced, Jennings continued to lead the market by increasing the ram stroke from 48" to 72". Our continuing improvements have finally yielded the 108" Stroke Extruder, which is now the industry standard.

When combining reduction ratios of 3000:1 and 108" of stroke, our machines can achieve continuous yields exceeding 25,000ft per machine load. With the addition of a Jennings Pay-Off, Vaporizing Console, Sintering Ovens and Take-Up, you will be able to compete successfully against anyone in the world while extruding at speeds of up to 350ft per min.






















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